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Consumer Marketing & the Role of Prize Promotions

Customer Loyalty, Sales Volume and Market Share Growth Promotions

Stand out on the shelf with an interactive promotion such as collect-and-win, on-pack/in-pack offers, direct mail sweepstakes or scratch and win cards.
Our prize promotions generate excitement, offer a point of difference and
encourage customers to consider your brand or trial your service.

Each promotion is accompanied by promotional risk coverage in the form of

a fixed fee prize insurance for the outcome of your promotion, so all you pay is a fraction of the prize value. When your promotion has a major winner, we’ll give you the money to write the prize cheque!

Direct Mail, Press & SMS Response Rate Boosting Promotions

Amplify your response rate to direct mail campaigns, SMS competitions
or press advertising with a chance to win promotion. Sports & Events Promotions offers marketing tools to create high impact direct mail promotions, capturing recipients' attention and generating interest in participating for a chance to win a prize.  You can create a big cash prize promotion with:

  • A random winner, where everyone has a chance at winning
    (single or multiple grand prizes can be awarded) or
  • A seeded winner, meaning there is one winner pre-selected and
    if that recipient redeems the offer, they win the grand prize

Try a Match & Win contest and print unique numbers on each mail piece.
If the recipient of the winning mail piece visits your store, venue, or event
and matches it against the winning combination, the grand prize is paid by promotion insurance.

Event & Retail Venue Traffic Building Promotions

Break through the advertising clutter and capture the attention of your
target audience at a special sales event, trade show or a grand opening. Sports & Events Promotions offers a portfolio of competitions, games and promotions which are proven traffic builders at exhibitions, charity functions, radio remotes, retail outlets, car dealerships and shopping centres. Use contest insurance to guarantee big prizes, without the financial risk associated with the prize payout, to maximise your exposure and attract prospective clients.


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