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Prize Promotion Mechanics

Do you have customers?
Then grab their attention with one of these great promotions.

High 5's - Match & Win!

You’ll be a huge hit with a High 5’s promotion because contestants play until they Win! An exciting game for any event. All contestants who play High 5’s are guaranteed of winning one of 4 prize levels available.

Contestants randomly select from security envelopes and keep opening envelopes until they have 5 matching prize symbols. The contestant wins

the prize represented by the 5 matching prize symbols. This simple and fun promotion can be run anywhere: retail locations, sporting events, on-air broadcasts, sales incentive contests, etc.

Visible Vault

Simple yet so effective! Supercharge your print, radio, online or direct mail campaign with a big prize offer and drive customer traffic to your store for

a chance to unlock the Visible Vault code! Perfect to attract attention and help you stand out from the crowd at your next trade show, sponsorships or fundraising event. Display keys to a new car, a holiday ticket or cashin the Visible Vault for all to see.

  • Set up in minutes and at any location
  • Highly secure
  • Prizes can vary with your budget
  • Single or multiple locations
  • Promotional banners and posters are available

Lucky Envelopes

Take 100 Lucky Envelopes and offer contestants a mind-boggling amount

of cash in one. Dare a contestant to pick it.

That’s the gist of Lucky Envelopes — a promotion that brings you good fortune without breaking your bank, because Sports & Events Promotions pays when the contestant selects the envelope with the loot!

  • It’s easy, effective, and adaptable to any business or event
  • A small fixed fee guarantees payment of the prize from $10,000 to $1 Million
  • Setup can be as simple as sealed envelopes on a cork board, a table filled with cloth money bags, or as elaborate as your imagination allows
  • Use Lucky Envelopes to draw traffic, reward customers or influence
    consumer behaviour

Break The Code

Can your customers Break the Code to win the major prize?

Codes can be 4 to 8 digits. All numbers – like an odometer reading;
or turn the dials like a safe combination; or a combination of letters and numbers – like a number plate.

Make Your Bid

With Make Your Bid, you can offer customers the chance to win great prizes - a new car or boat, a luxury home, a dream holiday or any other big ticket prize if the ‘Bid’ is Right.

It's an easy, turnkey promotion that generates more traffic for your venue, dealership, trade show, special event - you name it. If you need customer traffic, Make Your Bid can make it happen!

Here's How It Works: To play, customers visit the participating business

and enter their ‘Bid’ for the featured dream prize into an online customised screen. Registration can be required to access the game, which helps you build your database.


Get your customers involved with your Brand or Business Name, give them

a chance to spell it. Everyone who makes a purchase of a product or spends a set dollar amount gets a free entry into the competition.

On the gala draw day the lucky contestants have the chance to Spell Your Brand or a key word. Contestants choose from a set of security envelopes. Each envelope contains a letter, logo, image or message. If they choose
the correct envelopes they win and Sports & Events Promotions pays
the major prize.

Match & Win!

Mail out flyers - each printed with a unique identifier - to your target audience. During a special event, whether a trade show, product launch,

or fund raising, display the grand prize winning number. If the customer who is holding the winning number comes to your event, Sports & Events Promotions pays the grand prize.

Scratch and Win Cards

Reward your shoppers! Thank customers for redeeming your latest direct

mail piece! Offer employees a sales incentive contest! How?

Try Sports & Events Promotions Scratch and Win Cards to help meet your objectives. Allow us to customise a scratch-and-win game for your event, theme or a marketing campaign. Each card is designed with bright, colourful play areas that are fun and appealing. Or try our 'off the shelf' scratch cards, where each one is a potential winner because all cards are printed with the grand prize winning combination. The player’s choices determine if they win.

Lucky Bucks

This promotion has proven its value time and again by generating excitement, increasing customers and attracting sponsorships in every size market.

The concept is simple to implement and compels local radio listeners and customers to tune in to play and win. Sports & Events Promotions places
five dollar notes into your retail outlets, with one of the serial numbers designated as the grand prize winner.

Poker & Royal Flush

Randomly select contestants from your promotion entries or select a finalist from your poker tournament competition. The contestant is given 20 envelopes, each containing a playing card (10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace from all four suits).

If the contestant reveals a Royal Flush, Sports & Events Promotions pays the grand prize!

Tie in sponsors by awarding cash and prizes for other hands such as

a Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Three of a Kind, Two Pairs etc. Increase the drama at your live promotion by displaying the cards on

a custom game show-style prize board provided by Sports & Events Promotions.

99 Bottles of Beer

A popular spin on our Lucky Envelopes contest is the “99 Bottles of Beer

On The Wall“. This is a great idea to use with your local beer distributor and

a local radio station.

A lucky patron gets to choose a bottle from 99 identical bottles. If the message in the bottle says, “you’re the grand prize winner” Sports & Events Promotions will pick up the tab for the prize you choose!

Pick The Score

  • Promote your product
  • Increase sales and customer traffic
  • Attract the game crowd to your venue

Your customers pick the score of a selected State, National or international sporting event and have the chance to WIN a major prize.

Great for League, Aussie Rules, Rugby, State of Origin, Basketball, Cricket and more. Weekly games, special events and Grand Finals!

Pick the score for half time and/or full-time scores in one game, or run your promotion over the whole season. Finalists are supplied with score sheets.

Ten Pin Bowling

Perfect for fundraising events, bowling contests are sure to bring a lot of extra excitement to your upcoming event.

  • 7/10 Split - This ultimate test of skill that also requires a bit of luck,
    the 7/10 split contest is sure to leave your bowlers excited. If a designated contestant can successfully knock down both pins in this difficult setup,
    they walk home with the grand prize!
  • Bowl a Perfect Game - No spares allowed here! If one of your contestants
    is able to reel off an impressive set of consecutive strikes and finishes
    with a perfect score of 300, they're a winner!

Million $ Duck

The Great Duck Race ! ! ! Raise funds for charity and increase awareness using an innovative and high profile activity.

  • Prior to the race, those wishing to participate "adopt" a duck
    for a donation to the charity
  • The ducks are then randomly tagged with a number
  • If the first duck to cross the winning line was one of the lucky
    numbers pre-selected, the "owner" claims the grand prize



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