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"The chance to win

- is the number one

most effective tool

to motivate consumers

to participate in

permission based marketing."




Interactive Pack: Cost Effective & Quick to Set Up Online Promotions

Sports & Events Promotions brings you the “Interactive Pack” -

the quickest and most affordable way to compete in the fast growing

online promotions space.

Interactive Pack is a unique selection of online promotions designed to provide the fastest, easiest, most affordable online campaign in the marketplace!

Interactive Pack eliminates budget and time constraints. Instead of designing an online promotion from scratch, you can simply:

  • Select the desired online promotion
  • Nominate a prize amount
  • Send your logo and a creative brief

It is a turnkey solution that offers businesses, large and small, the ability to launch customised online games and online promotions in a matter of days,

at a cost as low as 35 cents per lead.

Online Promotion Example

If your objective is to grow sales and simultaneously capture customer

details for use in future marketing programs, the competition entry criteria would involve a purchase, which qualifies your customers to enter the draw.

Promote the prize offer in your regular media or devise a campaign to entice
existing customers and prospective clients to visit your store or purchase your product to collect a code, for a chance to win the prize.

Include a promotional code on every receipt or on-pack, with every customer qualifying upon making a purchase. Invite customers to a designated website to enter the code online for an instant chance to win.

Entries can be limited to:

  • One entry for the entire promotion, or
  • One entry per purchase, depending on your objective

Build your prospect database list by requesting participants to supply their contact details to enter the draw. Then capitalise on the newly created database with a loyalty program or a VIP offer via SMS, email or direct mail channels.


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