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Insured Prize Promotions & Competitions:
Consumer & Trade Promotion Case Studies

Promotion to Increase Traffic and Venue Patronage

Bid For Your Ride - Broncos Leagues Club ‘Bid For A Camry’

Promotion to Increase Product Sales and Market Share as well as to Capture Customer Database

Online Promotion - Marco D'Polo Grocery Channel Campaign

Promotion to Increase Radio Station Listener Base

Break The Code - Breeze FM ‘Licence To Loot’

Promotion to Raise Awareness & Attendance at Fundraising Event

Break The Code - Bruce Lynton BMW ‘Guess The Number Plate’

Promotion to Increase Venue Attendance & New Memberships

Cash Cascade - Broncos Leagues Club ‘$100,000 Strike It Lucky!’

Promotion to Increase Traffic of Prospective Buyers

High 5’s - Col Crawford Lifestyle Cars ‘Win up to $250,000 Cash’

Promotion to Increase Market Share by Increasing Radio Ratings

High 5’s - Rebel FM ‘$10,000 Tinnie Challenge’

Promotion to Reward Patron Loyalty

High 5's - Southside Sport Club - '$50,000 Southside Santa'

Promotion to Increase Business Awareness & Trial in the Local Market

Lucky Envelopes - Illawarra Catholic Club ‘$250,000 Cash Cascade’

Trade Promotion to Incentivise and Reward Distributor Sales Performance

Lucky Envelopes - Lenovo ‘Legends Hall of Fame $1 Million Draw’

Promotion to Increase Traffic and Venue Patronage

Spell-A-Brand - Southside Sport Club '$10,000 Birthday Bonanza'

Promotion to Increase Radio Station's Popularity

Target Kick - K-Rock Radio '$25,000 Kick For Cash'

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