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Radio Stations: Boost Listener Ratings & Grow Market Share with Prize Games & Competitions

Put the WOW factor into your radio on air and remote promotions by using prize coverage and promotions developed especially to meet the needs unique to the radio business.

Sports & Events Promotions’ range of radio contests has been used by the radio and media industry for over a decade, enabling stations and advertisers to turn limited budgets into successful BIG PRIZE promotions that raise interest and appeal to the target audience. Furthermore, radio stations and advertisers benefit from great PR when a listener wins! A great incentive!

Contest prize coverage enables radio stations to give away prizes for a fraction of the grand prize value. Leverage your marketing budget with any type of prize competition. And when there’s a winner, WE PAY - not you!

Sports & Events Promotions is the ideal partner to help you maximize

the effectiveness of your radio promotions with our great marketing ideas.

Our attention grabbing radio promotions:

  • Influence radio station preference
  • Increase radio station’s visibility and raise advertisers’ awareness
  • Drive new listeners to turn on your channel
  • Encourage existing listeners to listen to other segments
  • Promote a new crew or a segment launch
  • Increase frequency and duration your station is listened to
  • Invest in listener loyalty and retention
  • Increase the rate of response to your conventional marketing efforts
  • Encourage visitations to your website
  • Generate leads and capture prospect databases with online contest
  • Drive new registrations for email newsletters

Amplify your response rate to direct and electronic mail campaigns or press
advertising! How? By including a chance to win offer you are increasing the potency of your message and capturing recipients’ attention whilst maximising your ROI.

Try a Match & Win contest with unique numbers on each mail piece. If the recipient with a winning mail piece visits your website and matches it against the winning combination, the prize is paid by the prize coverage!

In the meantime you collect valuable listener information!

Build your listener database by requesting contact details, such as a
mobile phone number, to enter the draw. Capitalise on the newly acquired
database and take advantage of our SMS promotions to communicate
directly with your listeners. Use SMS to announce new competitions. All they
need to do is tune in!


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