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Customer Loyalty Tools for Retail & Shopping Outlets

Examples of Retail Marketing Promotions

Online Promotions to Grow Your Customer Database

Grow the sales volume and store visits, by including a promotional code

on a receipt, in direct mail or via email, inviting customers and prospects to

a designated web site, to enter the draw online, for an instant chance to win. Completely customisable to your needs, Sports & Events Promotions offers

a new generation of online promotions that are affordable, quick to set up and easy to run. Build your contact database list with a chance to win up to

$1 Million and then capitalise on the excitement that you've created to convert leads into customers or encourage repeat visits by existing clients.

Retail Store Traffic Booster

You may wish to attract customers into the store with a "Spend $50 and Enter the Draw to WIN a Car" Promotion. In order to qualify, customers will need a proof of purchase to the specified amount, with item(s) acquired during the time of the promotion, to complete the entry form for their chance to win. This promotion would not require an online component, and participants would need to attach their receipt to the entry form, completed and left on the premises, before the end of the promotion.

Customer Loyalty Program to Keep Them Coming Back

An exciting loyalty program concept, offering a chance to win a grand prize in the form of cash, a car or a holiday, enticing clients to increase frequency of the their visits and the value of their purchases during the duration of the promotion, in order to enter the draw. Loyalty cards, valid for the duration of the promotions, would offer your entire mailing list a chance to win a grand prize valued at $25,000, $50,000 or $100,000, if they comply with the entry criteria in terms of dollar value spend or number of visits within a set time.

Mail or distribute these cards to qualified leads and watch your customer traffic grow. Perfect for those slow periods of the year! Qualified participants, enter the draw to win. Sports & Events Promotions keeps your marketing costs under control and pays the prize if you have a winner.

Direct Mail with a High Response Rate

Amplify your response rate to direct mail campaigns or press advertising!

By including a chance to win offer in a direct mail piece, increasing the potency of your message and capture recipients’ attention and interest, whilst maximising your ROI. Try a Match & Win contest with unique numbers on

each mail piece. If the customer with a winning mail piece visits your store and matches it against the winning combination, the prize is paid by the prize coverage!


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